Professional Development Framework – Overview


Welcome to the National Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Nurses Group (NPRANG) Professional Development Framework. This framework is offered as a guide to identify and support the learning and development needs of nurses working with children and young people (C&YP) who have respiratory conditions.

NPRANG aims to encourage nurses to reflect on their own personal practice, so they can individually identify any personal learning needs and recognise areas of improvements or changes to their practice that may be required.


It is not the role or responsibility of the NPRANG to educate or determine the competency of nurses, and this framework does not replace formal support, clinical or academic education within the specific fields and topics. NPRANG will not validate the authenticity of experience or knowledge demonstrated within a portfolio. In accordance with their code of professional practice, nurses must legally work within their competence, act with honesty and integrity and are at all times responsible for their own practice.

The framework is not:

  • an education package to teach you how to become or work within a paediatric respiratory nurses role
  • an assessment of your competency or fitness to practise 

The purpose of the framework is to:

  • provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your role and your educational needs within it
  • organise your CPD, practice related feedback and/or independent learning that would not otherwise be recorded
  • enable you to collect relevant evidence of events or experiences within your own professional practice and demonstrate how they have supported your learning and development in relation to your job role and practice within the Code
  • encourage you to stay up to date within your professional practice by identifying gaps in your knowledge and supporting you to develop new skills
  • encourage you to question your personal and local practice
  • foster a culture of sharing, networking, reflection and improvement
  • underpin future practice with up to date evidence and guidance 
  • support you to recognise how to work within your competence and limitations in accordance with the Code 
  • strengthen national practice and standards within Paediatric Respiratory Nursing

Would you like to contribute towards nursing development? Please contact the team on: nprangframeworks@gmail.com.