Joanna Bennett

Joanna is a respiratory nurse at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Joanna has worked as a respiratory nurse for over 10 years, both in secondary and tertiary care. Prior to this Joanna was a Wellchild Nurse within the Birmingham area caring for children with complex medical needs.

Joanna’s current role involves working as an independent practitioner, providing assessment, treatment and education to maintain high standards of management in both Nurse Led and Consultant Led Clinics, along with providing ongoing support to empower the child and family to effectively manage asthma at home.

Joanna also manages children requiring Noninvasive ventilation and oxygen therapy, running a nurse led NIV review clinic. Joanna provides education and support for children starting NIV and Oxygen through the new NIV and sleep pathway. Joanna also supports and teaches schools and respite areas about Noninvasive ventilation and oxygen.

Joanna is currently the NPRANG treasurer, and has been on the committee since 2018.