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Ready, Steady, Go

At Southampton Children’s Hospital our Transition Steering Group have developed and implemented a transition programme called Ready Steady Go (RSG) to address issues faced by all young people with a chronic medical condition. RSG is generic and ensures the medical, psychosocial and vocational needs of the young person are addressed by following a structured, adaptable transition programme. By working through a series of questionnaires RSG shifts the emphasis from preparing the adult service for the patient to preparing the patient for the adult service. Whilst the RSG documentation is used gradually from age 11 – 16/18 years of age using a plan to track progress, we also run Young Person’s Clinic Weeks four times a year. During these weeks, all clinics aim to review children aged 11 years and older so that all health care professionals focus on the needs of the young people in an age appropriate environment.

Due to copyright issues, queries or requests for other organisations to use the documentation at the moment are directed to Dr Arvind Nagra via email ( RSG has been adopted by several other Trusts and national organisations. We are currently awaiting NHS endorsement to make the programme available to all. To view the RSG documentation go to: